Nov 092012


  1. il est en dessous de la table = it is underneath the table
  2. il est à coté de la table
  3. il est sur la table
  4. il est sous la table
  5. il est en face de la table
  6. il est devant la table
  7. il est derrière la table

C’est dans ma main

My work space = Mon éspace de travail
The automatic machine = La machine automatique

Your turn –>

  • Use the prepositions above in your own sentences. You can make them as simple or as complex as you’d like. The purpose here is to practice writing/speaking in French.
  • ** Bien sûr que vos phrases seraient EN FRANÇAIS 🙂 **
  • Write them down so you can read them outloud and record them here –> Vocaroo
  • Once you record them, follow the instructions to email your recording to me (

**if you prefer, you can record your sentences on your phone, tablet, or computer (computers are available to use in room 2-019) and then send the recordings to me that way. It doesn’t matter how you record them, as long as I can hear your sentences.

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